Janitorial Equipment

When your space needs to sparkle, it’s twine time.

Whether you need to clean a small lobby or a large warehouse, our range of floor cleaning equipment will help you increase productivity, lower labor costs, and protect floor surfaces. If you have carpets that need cleaning or hardwood floors that need buffing, our janitorial equipment offers a variety of features to help your floors look fresh, shiny, and new. 

The machines we sell from top brands offer maneuverability, easy operation, and versatility to simplify the cleaning process. Deep clean or polish your floors with high-quality machines instead of outdated equipment that requires multiple cleanings to achieve sparkling results.

Expert Training and Demonstrations

For those who aren’t familiar with machine functionality or aren’t sure which machine is best for your facility needs, we have knowledgeable Product Specialists who provide thorough on-site training and live demonstrations to ensure you’re using the equipment properly and maintaining best cleaning practices. Contact your Sales Representative for more information.

Preventative Maintenance Services

We also have a fully-operational service center with a professional Twiner Tech Team that handles equipment repairs and preventative maintenance. If your janitorial equipment becomes non-functional, our certified service technicians can identify the issue and fix the problem on-site or off-site. Learn more about our Twiner Tech Team and service center on our Service Center page.  

To view our in-stock floor care equipment click here. Don’t see the machine you need or want to schedule a consultation? Contact your Account Support or Sales Representative for assistance.


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Floor Care Equipment

  • Automatic Scrubbers
  • Burnishers
  • Carpet Extractors & Cleaners
  • Floor Machines
  • Rider Scrubbers
  • Vacuum Cleaners (Uprights, Wet/Dry and Backpack)

“They evaluate our business and our needs as much as we do.”